This was me with Aaron Alexovich, and a few of the things he signed for me, and that I got from him.

He’s super nice. The first time I had someone sign things for me I had to pay, and through out the con it was like, 20 dollars per autograph. And he signed 4 things for me. And asked if I could send him my fanarts.

Meeting an artist you admire and having them talking to you and giving support to you themselves is really cool. Alexovich was the main reason why I went to DoomCON, it made it easier that he didn’t have a panel, he stayed in the Vendors room the whole two days, which made it easier to see him, I thinkI visited him, um 3 times, pff. But yeah.

If you don’t know who Aaron Alexovich is, I really recommend you check out some of his stuff http://www.heartshapedskull.com/ .

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